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Dreaming the Dream

The most unlikely events can be the most pleasant surprises. Like two perfectly settled and satisfied professionals setting up a School. It was destined to be superlative, since profit was never a motive but passion was.

Mrs. Shilpi Garg (An English Teacher & Motivational Speaker) and Mr. Gourav Garg (A Commerce Teacher) both the accomplished professionals, had been nurturing a dream of a school where kids could just be kids and not rote machines, creativity is nurtured and not killed, no boundaries for learning and trying new ideas & kids breathe in a free flowing, energized environment.

It is a school of 21th century where everyone is inspired to learn and come there because they love it and not because they have to. That in brief is the genesis of Master International School that took its first baby step in 2013, safe and secure from day one; bubbling with energy, wonderful workable ideas and grit to make it through, the school has grown from strength to strength. Backed on dedication, quality orientation hard work and passion for education of Team MIS , once a dream of just two people, is today, a large family comprising children, parents, staff and Associates that is learning and growing by leaps & bounds with several milestones covered & feathers to their cap the dream & expectations are now far beyond the horizon.


To Empower Students to,
  • Acquire
  • Demonstrate
  • Articulate
  • Value
  • knowledge & Skills that will support them as life-long learners, To participate and contribute to the Global World and practice the core Values of the School.


    To enable all learners’ access to learning through the provision of In-depth & cohesive learning programs aligned to the level content and achievement standards, informed by the CBSE Curriculum. Highly effective staff, focused on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration. Aquality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice. enriching, engaging resources. Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnerships.

    The Pillars


    Take responsibility for learning, develop intellectual curiosity and become life-long Learners.


    Be a Creative Innovative & Logical thinker


    Think, Speak & Write with precision, clarity & independence


    Practice self-discipline, be organized and lead a healthy & balanced life


    The tenacity to hold on to your aspiration against all odds


    Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision making and leadership with a sense of team work


    Understand others perspective and grow along


    Discover, Value and Nurture the individual’s area of Excellence


    Adhering to principles and righteousness

    As parents, you are the first teacher and the most important influence on your child’s growth and attitude towards learning. At MIS we always emphasize on strengthening the home-school connection that will inculcate a value system in your child; enhance his/her learning capacity and pace and teach him important life-skills from an early age. Keeping a 3-way communication channel open between students, parents and mentors ensures two things; one that parents get to play a direct and active role in their child’s growth and two, a message is conveyed to the child that school and education are extremely important.

    We as teachers, in whose care you place your child’s early learning, take things forward; wearing several hats on the way; that of a guide, friend & sometimes even of a parent and remain with them at every step of the way, facilitating new experiences, opening windows to the new world for them.

    Learning is not just about what happens inside the school or home. Children also learns a lot from the society where they live-in along with their friends. We understand it and provide platform for the positive exposure of children with the community around by field trips, undertaking social initiatives, sharing current affairs and most importantly arranging the interaction of students with experts and institution in the community to enrich the learning experience and keep them wanting more.

    Online Fee Submission

    Kindly Note: A deduction of 2% would be levied on Online Payments (As per RBI guidelines) 

    The World of MIS

    We at MIS Kashipur, Welcome your child, to the new world of Education called edutainment. This is a whole new way of learning, which is a joyous, enthralling and eye-opening experience. It is the celebration of learning through passion innovation and creation thereby enriching your wards with the confidence to reach for their dreams with dedication and determination.

    At MIS, we add advanced technologies to our learning process. We make every child a genius, with all the desired amenities. We have sophisticated computer lab with which we connect the knowledge of every child to the entire world.

    MIS aims to develop and maintain the highest possible standards in the process of learning, After a though research of the National as well as International Curriculum.

    We at MIS, sharpen the child’s brain with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Our state-of-the-art and fully functional laboratories give every child a scientific outlook and encourage them to discover their latent talent & Skills.

    MIS enrich your child with culture, art, heritage, tradition and music that is so unique and precious to India. The emphasis here is to channelize the physical energy and creative aptitude of the child into learning skills like music, arts, speech, exercises & projects, which are integrated into curriculum. Extra curricular activities make the mind and soul of every child artistic so that, they can show their talents in these fields also.

    MIS is a dedicated initiative to groom children for the new socio-economic order of the cyber age, an attempt to maintain the perspective of world citizenship without losing the Indian culture heritage.

    With a highly motivated & Talented team of experienced teachers, we offer perfect ambience for instilling traditional Indian values, culture and conventions along with modern tools, techniques equipment and technology to build competence.

    Happy Parents

    I choose Master International School for my daughter Kayra Sharma with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am sure, i’ll not be disappointed at all. Sports activities also conducted on a regular basis like studies which is beneficial for overall growth and development of a children is indeed commendable. MIS has delivered more than expectations. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible which pays special attention to the children.
    Congratulations for the successful 7 years of school

    Dr. Rohit Sharma & Anubhuti Sharma

    Parents of: Kayra Sharma (Nursery)

    Master international school isn’t just a school. It is an essential part of our lives. My child has received an on target, top-notch education. This foundation has been instilled in my child and it is priceless.

    Each teacher that has been a part of our lives has not only been the upmost professional, but has also shown my child love, care, and concern. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more.

    Ashok Kumar

    Father of: Malay gautam (Class 2nd)

    MIS मेरा प्यारा स्कूल, नहीं सकती मैं इसको भूल
    माँ ने मुझको जन्म दिया और दिया ढेर सारा प्यार

    MIS स्कूल ने, मेरा ज्ञान बढ़ाकर मेरा जीवन दिया संवार
    खूब खेलो और पढ़ो तुम कहती यह हमारी टीचर

    बड़े होकर प्रण तुम करना देश की सेवा करेंगे मिलकर
    कोई वकील कोई देश का नेता कोई डॉक्टर कोई इंजीनियर होंगे।
    भारत विश्व में बनेगा अव्वल हर कोई जब शिक्षित होगा
    MIS मेरा प्यारा स्कूल नहीं सकती मैं इसको भूल।।

    Khushbu Verma

    Mother of: Pakhi Verma (Class 4th)

    बचपन से वो शुरू हुआ मास्टर तक वो पहुंचा है
    बच्चों के दिलों का आज वो प्यारा सा घरौंदा है
    यहां अनुभवी है सब शिक्षक मार्गदर्शन मे सब उत्तम
    यहां की प्राचार्य बहुत ही अच्छी कर्तव्यपरायणी है

    वो सच्ची हिन्दी की टीचर बच्चों को, सभ्य बनाती है
    विज्ञान ,गणित की अध्यापिका भी जीवन की राह समझाती है
    M.I.S प्रगति का है कुंज, बच्चों के दिलों का मंच है 
    ये शिक्षा का अच्छा आलय है, ये मेरे बच्चों का विद्यालय है

    Preeti Vishnoi

    Mother of: Om (Class 5th) & Tanya (U.K.G)

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